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It's hard to relax in your home when you know termites could be eating away at your walls, floors and furniture. Luckily, you can put wood-destroying insects out of sight and out of mind with effective termite control services from TTT Termite Control Company, Inc. serving Anaheim & Santa Ana, CA.

Don't wait for insects to make your home their own. Contact us today to schedule a termite treatment at your home. We can handle both subterranean and drywood termites.

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3 signs you probably have a termite problem

Early detection is crucial for preventing the spread of termite damage. You should call a termite inspection service in Anaheim & Santa Ana, CA right away if you notice:

Wooden walls or stairs with honeycomb-patterned or pinpoint holes.
Wood that sounds hollow when you tap it with a screwdriver or other tool.
Wood floors that buckle or sag, or tile that comes loose for no apparent reason.

Not sure if you have termite problems? With a free inspection from TTT Termite Control Company, it's easy to get the help you need. Consult our termite inspection service now to find out if your home in the Anaheim or Santa Ana, CA area is in danger.

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When you need a lasting solution to your termite problem, you need extermination services from TTT Termite Control Company of Anaheim & Santa Ana, CA. You'll appreciate that:

We've been in the business for over two decades.
We offer a 5% discount for seniors and veterans.
We know our job isn't done until you can relax in a pest-free home.

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